Julie’s new album on SoundCloud!

Haven’t heard Julie’s new album ‘Remember the Girl’ yet? Discover it on SoundCloud right now! https://soundcloud.com/jforjulie/sets/remember-the-girl

Remember the Girl MV released!

On December 16th, Julie released a new music video of the song Remember the Girl on her Official YouTube channel, watchjforjulie. The track is one of the two original songs written by Julie, and it gives the title to her new album released on the past Dec 4th. Remember the Girl is a very important [...]

Remember the girl in Music Stores!

Julie’s new album ‘Remember the girl’ is now sold in Japan music store & online (iTunes). For the last gig of Julie’s Tour 2013, the crowd was very enthusiastic and asked for an Encore. ‘Remember the girl’ album include songs in a very western taste and contemporary adult music, well accepted by the critics. Julie [...]


On dec 3rd Julie performed her last concert of the
Remember the Girl tour 2013.
A very intense performance, just the right atmosphere for the last date
of a tour thanks to which, in Julie’s own words “I’ve grown a lot”.
Upcoming dates for early 2014.
Stay tuned!

Last concert of Julie’s Tour 2013!

04 Dec 2013 update